Business visits

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Business Trips

Business visits

«Taxi Badri» can help you organize your business trips or official meetings in Switzerland. 

  • Сonferences, meetings, seminars
  • Accusatory or motivation tours for co-workers, clients or partners
  • Organization of corporate events

Modern business tourism in Switzerland is a way to make stronger connections between companies and expand their areas of actions. Organization of business trips can solve a lot of problems and it is a guarantee of successful events.

Actions of our company relate to business moves. Organization of business trips of co-workers and leaders require a lot of time and appropriate approach. Herewith, not every company has workers who can deal with such aims. Limousine service «Taxi Badri» can help solve all these problems for you. All organization aspects can be controlled by our specialists.

When you analyze all the benefits, you will understand that our organization of the business trip services is the best decision for you. «Taxi Badri» can help you  to solve such problems as:

  • hotel bookings and organization of the trip;
  • booking tickets for co-workers and clients;
  • Organization of events and meetings (eg conference booking and etc);
  • provide transfer (comfortable Mercedes autos)
  • help to organize your leisure activity;

Limousine service «Taxi Badri» has been on the market for years and is familiar with all of the niceties in the organization business trip area.