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What about Swiss sightseeing? Why Lausanne is the capital of dance? How did the biggest posters collection in the world appear in Zurich? And why did Picasso give his paintings to the Basel? The Swiss cities are full of cultural surprises. Our stories can inspire you to interesting discovers.

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Basel lives and breathes with art.
Swiss SightsBasel is the city with the biggest number of museums in Switzerland. The annual international art fair, Art Basel’ is one of the many reasons citizens are proud of their city. There is a long love story between the city on the bank of Rhine and art. For example, in 1967 citizens were fighting for buying two Picasso pictures for the Basel art museum with a slogan «All you need is Pablo». Nowadays the patient to the art is still strong in the city, that is why the Art museum got a new marvelous building.

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Explore Geneva’s art world
Swiss SightsCartier de Ba district is one of the most innovational cities of the Europe world of art.
There are banks, luxury watches, and non-governmental organizations.
Today Geneva attracts public because of the most modern art district in Europe, Cartier de Ba (fr. Swing district). This district is not only about MANSO, which is the biggest museum of modern art in Switzerland, but there are a lot of galleries fashion bars and nice cafeterias.

Winterthur is the city in motion.
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Zurich from industrial district up to mecca of design.
Ex-industrial district to the west from Zurich has got its new life for the last years, becoming the new center of cultural and artistic life. The place where people used to build ships became a modern district with art galleries, restaurants, shops, and architectural dominants. One of the local sights is the Design Museum with a valuable collection of graphic masterpieces, decorative and applied art and posters. 

Lucerne and its festival
Swiss SightsBest classic music since 1938. Leading orchestral of the world, conductors and soloist; Culture and congress center (KKL) by famous architecture Jean Nuvelle. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with the Lucerne festival established in 1938. 

Lugano is the city of creative ideas.
It’s a new home for 2 museums.
Art-center LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura) was opened in 2015 in Lugano, and the MASI is also situated there. MASI is a new museum combining Canton art museum and Lugano modern-art museum.